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39 hadith found in 'The Book of Commentary (Kitab Al-Tafsir)' of Sahih Muslim.

 Sa'id b. Jubair reported: The inhabitants of Kufa differed in regard to this verse:" But whoever slays another believer intentionally, his requital shall be Hell" (iv. 92), so I went to Ibn 'Abbas and asked him about it, whereupon he said: This has been revealed and nothing abrogated it.  


 This hadith has been transmitted on the authority of Shu'ba with the same chain of narrators but with a slight variation of wording.  


 Sa'id b. Jubair reported: 'Abd al Rahman b. Abzi commanded me that I should ask Ibn 'Abbas about these two verses:" He who slays a believer intentionally his requital shall be Hell where he would abide for ever" (iv. 92). So, I asked him and he said: Nothing has abrogated it. And as for this verse:" And they who call not upon another god with Allah and slay not the soul which Allah has forbidden, except in the cause of justice" (xxv. 68), he (Ibn Abbas) said: This has been revealed in regard to the polytheists."  


 Ibn 'Abbas said: This verse was revealed in Mecca:" And they who call not upon another god with Allah and slay not the soul which Allah has forbidden except in the cause of justice" up to the word Muhdana (abased). Thereupon the polytheists said: Islam is of no avail to us for we have made peer with Allah and we killed the soul which Allah had forbidden to do and we committed debauchery, and it was (on this occasion) that Allah, the Exalted and Glorious, revealed this verse:" Except him who repents and believes and does good deeds" up to the end Ibn 'Abbis says: He who enters the fold of Islam and understands its command and then kills the soul there is no repentance for him.  


 Sa'id b. Jubair reported: I said to Ibn Abbas: Will the repentance of that person be accepted who kills a believer intentionally? He said: No. I recited to him this verse of Sura al-Furqan (xix.):" And those who call not upon another god with Allah and slay not the soul which Allah has forbidden except in the cause of justice" to the end of the verse. He said: This is a Meccan verse which has been abrogated by a verse revealed at Medina:" He who slays a believer intentionally, for him is the requital of Hell-Fire where he would abide for ever," and in the narration of Ibn Hisham (the words are): I recited to him this verse of Sura al-Furqan:" Except one who made repentance."  


 Ubaidullah b. 'Abdullah b. 'Utba reported: Ibn Abbas said to me: Do you know-and in the words of Harun (another narrator): Are you aware of-the last Sura which was revealed in the Qur'an as a whole? I said: Yes," When came the help from Allah and the victory" (cx.). Thereupon, he said: You have told the truth. And in the narration of Abu Shaiba (the words are): Do you know the Sura? And he did not mention the words" the last one".  


 This hadith has been reported on the authority of Abu 'Umais through the same chain of transmitters but with a slight variation of wording.  


 Ibn Abbas reported that some Muslims met a person with a small flock of sheep. He said: As-Salam-o-'Alaikum. They caught hold of him and killed him and took possession of his flock. Then this verse was revealed:" He who meets you and extends you salutations, don't say: You are not a Muslim" (iv. 94). Ibn 'Abbas, however, recited the word as-Salam instead of" as-Salam".  


 Bara' reported: When the Ansar performed the Pilgrimage, they did not enter their houses but from behind. A person from the Ansar came and he began to enter from his door but it was said to him (why he was doing something in contravention to the common practice of coming to the houses from behind). Then this verse was revealed." Piety is not that you come to the doors from behind" (ii. 189).  


 Ibn Mas'ud said: Since our acceptance of Islam and the revelation of this verse in which Allah has shown annoyance to us:" Has not the time yet come for the believers that their hearts should be humble for the remembrance of Allah?" (lvii. 16), there was a gap of four years.  

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