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سورة قريش
Quraish | 4 verses | Quraysh | Sura #106 | Meccan
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لِإِيلَافِ قُرَيْشٍ
Transliteration 1: Lieelafi qurayshin
Yusuf Ali 1: For the covenants (of security and safeguard enjoyed) by the Quraish,
Mohsin Khan: 1: (It is a great Grace from Allah) for the protection of the Quraish,
Urdu 1: اس لیے کہ قریش کو مانوس کر دیا

إِيلَافِهِمْ رِحْلَةَ الشِّتَاءِ وَالصَّيْفِ
Transliteration 2: Eelafihim rihlata alshshitai waalssayfi
Yusuf Ali 2: Their covenants (covering) journeys by winter and summer,-
Mohsin Khan: 2: (And with all those Allah's Grace and Protections, We cause) the (Quraish) caravans to set forth safe in winter (to the south) and in summer (to the north without any fear),
Urdu 2: ان کو جاڑے اور گرمی کے سفر سے مانوس کرنے کے باعث

فَلْيَعْبُدُوا رَبَّ هَـٰذَا الْبَيْتِ
Transliteration 3: FalyaAAbudoo rabba hatha albayti
Yusuf Ali 3: Let them adore the Lord of this House,
Mohsin Khan: 3: So let them worship (Allah) the Lord of this House (the Ka'bah in Makkah),
Urdu 3: ان کو اس گھرکے مالک کی عبادت کرنی چاہیئے

الَّذِي أَطْعَمَهُم مِّن جُوعٍ وَآمَنَهُم مِّنْ خَوْفٍ
Transliteration 4: Allathee atAAamahum min jooAAin waamanahum min khawfin
Yusuf Ali 4: Who provides them with food against hunger, and with security against fear (of danger).
Mohsin Khan: 4: (He) Who has fed them against hunger, and has made them safe from fear.
Urdu 4: جس نے ان کو بھوک میں کھلایا اور ان کو خوف سے امن دیا

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